KChrome from Google's open source project Chromium, compatible with IE, is one of the best dual-core with Webkit and IE browsers. Thanks to Webkit's performance, KChrome is greatly accelerated in browsing speed. Google's search engine security database and sandbox ensure safety while you are surfing! As possibly as keeping the original functionalities of Google Chomre, we add a series of useful features such as Mouse gesture, Super drag, IE tab, etc. Like ARSwp promised five years ago, KChrome is also free to use and spread with no function limitation.


Based on Chromium 16
Last update: Mar. 27, 2012.


Green and simple, take your data with you by copying the directory at any time
One key recovery by Google's synchronization
Quick switch webkit and IE to maintaine speed and compatibility
Fully compatible with Google's extensions and websotre
Tabbed browsing, unlimited restore closed tabs, customed mouse gestures, etc.
More powerful features are waiting for you to discover ...

Download zip package | Download KChrome(Beta)4.3 Based on Chromium 18 (Updated on Feb. 27, 2012)